Cellulite or “orange peel”

Cellulite is a local metabolism disorder that consists of the accumulation of adipose nodules in the subcutaneous tissue of some areas of the body. This causes a modification of the figure and an alteration of the topography of the skin, giving it a characteristic appearance like “orange peel”.

It appears mainly in women in periods of hormonal changes such as puberty or pregnancy, and in the pelvic region, lower limbs and abdominal region.

The etiology of cellulite is considered multifactorial, where they influence:

  • Hereditary factors (gender, race, biotype, number, disposition and sensitivity of hormonal receptors and predisposition to develop peripheral angiopathy).
  • Hormonal factors (female estrogens play a predisposing or aggravating role in cellulite and are especially important during adolescence. Estrogens stimulate the proliferation of fibroblasts and increase the activity of adipocytes, causing the formation of cellulite nodules).
  • Factors related to lifestyle (diet, sedentary life, lack of physical exercise, smoking and alcohol abuse).
  • Psychological factors (stress and anxiety).

Cellulite formation 

Cellulite is formed due to an increase in the number or volume of adipocytes, which can lead to compression of the capillaries. On the one hand, there is an alteration in lipogenesis, that is, more fat accumulated than  used (lipolysis), and on the other, there is water retention and they swell due to lack of drainage. The fibers harden and metabolism is hampered, aggravating orange peel skin.


Actions to prevent

  • Diet rich in potassium, vitamin C and vitamin E.
  • Avoid foods with sodium.
  • Avoid foods with sodium.
  • No Smoking.

  • No Smoking.

  • Get regular exercise.

Chemir S.A active ingredients to help reduce cellulite

Celutrat Body Care Chemir

Celutrat ®

  • Active designed for the topical treatment of adipose accumulations.
  • It acts quickly and efficiently and stimulates lipo-catalytic activity.
Termogen Body Care Chemir

Termogen – Heat effect

  • Blend of essential oils with rubefacient and antioxidant properties that enhance lymphatic drainage.
Celamina Body Care Chemir

Celamina ® – Freshness feeling

  • Active that stimulates blood circulation and exerts a powerful lymphatic drainage while giving the final product a sensation of freshness.

Anti-cellulite active ingredients

  • Ivy: favors lymphatic and vascular drainage. It contains hederagenin, an element that acts on blood vessels causing constriction and subsequent dilation. This “exercise” of the vessels is what improves circulation. Given its toxicity, its use is external.

  • Dandelion: diuretic effect. It is rich in insulin and potassium so it is effective in preventing fluid retention and eliminating toxins. It also helps the liver to metabolize fats so that they do not accumulate.

  • Horsetail: good diuretic and helps facilitate digestion and eliminate toxins.
  • Geranium: regulates hormonal and subcutaneous fat levels.
  • Asian pennywort extract: It has moisturizing, emollient, firming and toning properties.
  • Caffeine: promotes lipolysis, stimulates metabolism, firms and tones the skin, eliminates excess fluids and removes dead cells.

  • Green tea: It is rich in catechins and polyphenols that help speed up metabolism and improve the ability to burn calories. It also contains theine that helps combat fluid retention and eliminate toxins.