As with the face, the first step is cleaning and this is done through shampoo. This acts at the root and scalp level and is where hair care and treatment begins. For this reason, it is very important to choose and remove dirt with a product that is respectful of both hair and scalp.


  • Clean.

  • Improves the hair condition.

  • Give shine or volume.

  • Help eliminate dandruff.

A shampoo contains: a surfactant base to deliver the main function of the shampoo, aesthetic and emotional ingredients such as perfumes, dyes, opacifiers or viscosity modifiers and finally, active ingredients such as silicones, polymers and other agents.


The conditioner is used to seal the cuticles of the hair strand and hydrate. Thus, if the main area of ​​action of the shampoo is the root and the scalp, that of the conditioner is the rest of the hair. In fact, it is essential to untangle without fear of falling due to breakage.


  • Protective layer: prevents cuticle damage.

  • Retain hydration: improves flexibility.

  • Provide lubrication: improves smoothness, combability and shine.

  • Disperse static: reduces frizz.

There are different types of conditioners: 

Rinse-off are the traditional ones and are applied right after washing and provide a daily dose of protection against damage and help to improve or maintain the quality of the hair.

Leave-in or rinse-free can be applied at any time of the day and provide protection against damage, as well as help to improve or maintain hair quality. The difference between them is that the latter do not need rinsing.

Finally, intensive treatments that consist of highly conditioning products and help restore the quality of very dry and damaged hair.

In terms of texture, the conditioner is creamier than a shampoo and lighter than a mask, which makes it easier to apply and rinse off.


The mask is the weekly product in charge of the deepest tasks of nutrition and hair repair.

Its application is limited to 1 or 2 times a week, depending on what the hair requests, and it goes after the conditioner, respecting the indicated exposure times. Like the previous two products, it only applies from medium to ends.


  • The mask mainly nourishes and is essential for healthy hair, as it is capable of repairing the hair fiber and sealing the cuticle.

  • The formula of the mask contains highly concentrated active ingredients and this makes it appear more unctuous.

  • Professionals recommend the mask to be used once a week and that not omit the conditioner, so we complement them.

  • While the result produced by the conditioner is more immediate, the mask is more long-term and will provide some benefits or others depending on the needs that have been covered and solved.