Hair loses its health due to a combination of aggressive treatments and improper handling over long periods of time.

Some of the signs that indicate that the hair is damaged are the following:

  • Broken or split ends
  • Porosity and brittleness
  • Lack of hydration (dryness)
  • Loss of strength and shine

The most frequent causes of damage to the hair fiber are the following:

1. Damage from chemical treatment

Very aggressive shampoos remove the layer of sebum that naturally protects the hair, damaging it, and reducing its shine and flexibility.

Perms, bleaching, and chemical dyes, straighteners etc., damage the hair fiber internally, especially if they are applied too frequently or incorrectly, since they gradually lift the most superficial layer of the hair cuticle, leaving it weak with loss of moisture and very brittle.

To minimize this effect, it is very important to hydrate and repair the hair with cosmetics that restore softness and elasticity.

2. Damage due to pH variation

Normal wet hair has a pH of 5.5 (isoelectric point). If this pH is at alkaline levels (above 8), the hair becomes spongy and more porous. If this increases above 10 the cuticle opens and can cause permanent damage.

At a pH below 5 (acidic) the cuticle contracts on the surface, and below a pH of 1.5 the hair is damaged.

To minimize this effect, it is recommended to use, whenever possible and compatible with its nature, cosmetic products with buffer substances that regulate the pH.

3. Sun damage

Ultraviolet rays affect the hair as they gradually break the protein bonds, weakening the fiber and causing dehydration. They also lighten the natural and artificial coloring of the hair and cause cellular aging.

To minimize the effect, it is recommended to use sunscreen or cover your hair when exposed to long and / or repeated exposures to the sun.

4. Mechanical damage

Brushing or combing excessively and brushing the hair from the ends towards the roots “creping the hair” to give volume is one of the most damaging operations for the hair fiber, as well as weakening it, it helps to progressively lose the cuticle creating irreparable damage. It is also very harmful to wear your hair very stretched, since it causes the hair to be pulled from its roots. This, if it occurs continuously, leads to rickets of the bulb, until the hair stops growing.

To minimize the effect, it is recommended to avoid excessive brushing and always comb your hair after properly hydrating the hair.

5. Heat damager

Excessive drying with hot air and, especially, with high temperature irons reduces the water content of the hair by evaporating the internal water of the hair fiber and softens the keratin, which makes it more brittle and brittle.

To minimize the effect, it is recommended to use thermal protectors.

6. Wear damage

It consists of the gradual loss of cuticle in the hair fiber that ends with the exposure of the cortex and the formation of rough and brittle hair. This happens when the hair is very long.

In this case it will be necessary to cut the hair.

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