#Maskne is the new acne

Due to the pandemic, the mask has become an essential complement in our lives.

As a consequence, many people have started to suffer from certain skin problems that they did not previously suffer from.

Masks occlude the chin and jaw area causing a barrier effect. This prevents the skin from perspiring, which causes an aggravation of lesions among people more predisposed to acne and also the appearance of blemishes in people who had not previously suffered from it.

5 effects of masks on the skin:

  • Increased humidity on the epidermal surface
  • Increased sebum production
  • Increased pH of the skin

  • Increased skin temperature

  • Irritations caused by rubbing

Recommendations to avoid or reduce it:

Use masks that adapt well to the face and do not occlude excessively.
Change the mask when its hours of use have passed.
Wash the skin morning and night with non-aggressive products that help reduce the proliferation of bacteria (micellar water, moussant gel, …).
Air the area every 2-3 hours and dry the sweat.
Use minimal makeup, because this will create more occlusion on the skin.
Moisturize the rest of the skin with light, fast-absorbing products 30 minutes before putting on the mask (serums, light gels, …).

Reduce #Maskné with our facial masks

From Chemir S.A we present our face mask in “pill” format composed of a 100% viscose tissue, also available in black and white. This mask is impregnated with plant complex and applied to the face for a few minutes, thus confer different cosmetic actions.

These masks not only enhance skin conditions and increase its quality, but also balance hydration, nutrition, flexibility, vitality and texture.


Phytomarine Aegis, the best ally to combat the mask effects

Phytomarine Aegis is a product created from the combination of bioactives that come together to combat the effects that the mask produces on the skin. Helps hydrate and reduce skin inflammation, protecting and repairing the skin.

It is a double action active:

  • Protection. Phytomarine Aegis incorporates glycosaminoglycans in its formula to provide hydration, reduce cell damage and create an improvement in the binding of keratinocytes to provide greater protection to the skin.

  • Repair. It contains the plant’s Xanthium Strumarium own bioactives to repair the epidermal barrier by inhibiting the pro-inflammatory mediators released due to contact with contaminating substances on our skin.