The human body needs sunlight to live as it intervenes in vital functions such as the synthesis of vitamin D (necessary for the proper functioning of bones and the immune system), regulates the wake-sleep cycle and is even a good antidepressant. However, sunlight also has a harmful side since this light travels in the form of visible and invisible waves that, being in constant contact with our skin, can end up causing irreversible damage.

The waves of the electromagnetic spectrum that can reach through the sun and penetrate our skin are the ultraviolet (290-400 nm), the visible (400-750 nm) and the infrared rays (750-3000 nm). Over time, exposure to these rays can reduce the elasticity of the skin, which can become thick or wrinkled and thin.

Ultraviolet (UV) Region: UVA and UVB

UV radiation carries a lot of energy and interferes with molecular bonds. It is responsible for the premature aging of skin through the generation of free radicals, or also known as photoaging.

UVA rays can penetrate the skin more deeply than UVB rays, but both can affect health. When UV rays invade skin cells, they disrupt delicate processes that affect their growth and appearance, as they can damage the genetic material (DNA) within them. Damage to DNA can cause cells to change and grow and divide rapidly, resulting in extra groups of cells known as tumours or lesions, which can be cancerous (malignant) or harmless (benign).

In summary, the sun can cause histological changes in the skin, leaving it more dehydrated, dry, aged, more prone to wrinkles and with more loss of elasticity and softness since it destroys the collagen fibers and causes the loss of proteoglycans in the matrix that supports the tissues.

The importance of hydration

Hydration of the skin is essential to maintain good health and avoid skin and systemic diseases, and even more when it has been subjected to solar radiation.

It is convenient to use cosmetic active ingredients on a daily basis that in one way or another allow to keep the skin properly hydrated. The ideal protection against dehydration is based on applying preparations with hydrating active ingredients daily and not waiting for the skin to show symptoms of dryness.

Chemir S.A. active ingredients

Epidermina ®

Natural active ingredient specially formulated to provide nutrition to the most damaged and mature skin, ensuring perfect hydration of the dermis.

It is composed of a mixture of unsaponifiables from soybean, avocado and olive oils with pollen extract, which have proven to be an indispensable piece in maintaining the integrity of the skin barrier.


Hidramina ®

Active that provides hydration to the skin, balances the water level creating a semi-permeable membrane that prevents transepidermal water loss and restores elasticity.


Neofin ® NAT Vegan

It is an O/W emulsifier composed of a mixture of fatty alcohols, medium chain triglycerides, derivatives of coconut oil, candelilla wax and mango butter that provides moisturizing, nourishing, repairing and regenerative properties to the formulation.